RealRyder® Indoor Cycle

Take The Training Wheels Off. Experience a New Era In Indoor Cycling.

“I can never go back to a stationary bike”…is something we often hear from some of the millions of RealRyder® owners, instructors and outdoor cyclists who train on our bike.

We can’t go back either. In fact, we firmly believe the traditional, rigid stationary bike is dead.

Our Story

Rather than decorate a static indoor bike with gadgets and gizmos that take people out of their cycling experience, the mission behind the RealRyder® Bike was to create the best indoor bike on the planet – one that’s not only built to last, but also incorporates the fun and freedom that a real bike offers. Invented by a competitive cyclist who was seeking a more effective way to train indoors, the RealRyder® Bike now has indoor riders completely addicted in 50 countries around the globe.

The Difference

The patented articulating bike frame and operational headset exclusive to the RealRyder® Indoor Cycle allow you to lean, turn, steer and balance through three essential planes of motion, becoming fully engaged with the bike, and overall riding experience. Whether you’re a cycling nut or a functional training junkie, the RealRyder® Bike offers superior biomechanical, physiological and emotional benefits over your everyday stationary bike.

Key Benefits

  • Increase core strength and stability
  • Challenge balance, full-body coordination and proprioceptive skills
  • Recruit more muscles during leaning and steering movements to burn approximately 20% more calories compared to a conventional stationary bike (CSUN Study; Conducted by S. Loy, Ph.D. March 2009)
  • Improve endurance, speed and agility for sport
  • Identify and help correct muscle and joint imbalances.
  • Benefit from greater joint mobility (especially, hips, back and knees) as the bike moves with your body’s natural pedaling motion