The PurMotion™ System, Philosophy, and Education allow you to customize your workout, rather than simply follow the mechanics of a traditionally-designed gym machine. You can grow with PurMotion™ as your skill set grows, from beginner to professional, obtaining unlimited results. Our PurTools let you move multi-directionally, perform high intensity workouts, and achieve optimal balance. Whether training for sports, fitness, or a better quality of life, the versatile PurMotion™ System will provide you with an efficient, unrestricted, and pure method to help achieve your sport performance and fitness-related goals.


To begin with, PurMotion™ is centered around a methodology and not a tool or product. Every motion in every workout has a reason and purpose about pursuing natural human movements either using our own bodyweight or managing external weight.

Because our training methodology works with the body and not against it, there is less chance of injury. The tools and movement patterns were designed specifically to keep the joints happy and not in an unnatural or compromising position. You can be in your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond and still be strong, fast and explosive!!! How can you do this? The PurMotion™ Training Methodology implements the concept of Multi-Directional Resistance Training. This leads to a balanced body reinforcing or validating Nature’s Law of Human Movement.

We teach the body to move in a natural, flowing way. We pay extra attention to movement efficiency. No need to do long warm-ups, cool-downs or separate strength and cardio. It’s all rolled up together in the PurMotion™ Training Methodology.