In each of the PTs below, you’re able to have 3 choices of how you want your classes:

  • Personal training package (PT): 1 on 1 training, flexible scheduling with instructor
  • Small Group personal training (SGPT): 2-4 people training, flexible scheduling with instructor
  • Group classes: group training, fixed schedule
Muscle Gain

Building your muscles not only makes you look good (and who doesn’t want that!) but it also has functional benefits. Muscle balance is essential for proper posture and movement. Gaining muscle also increases your body’s metabolic rate, helping you stay in shape. Your trainer will help you come up with a tailored nutrition plan, combined with exercises using our unique equipment, helping you reach your goal, faster.

Strength Training

Strength training is an essential part of getting fit as it makes you stronger for daily activities, prevents injuries and improves endurance.  Stronger muscles also help athletes perform better in their sports. Targeted strength training can help them tackle areas that their normal training may not include.  The PurMotion™ System, a main tool used for strength training here at Sane Fitness, is an improved tool that provides a neutral grip for weight lifting and allows for the best body positioning and proper joint alignment while exercising. Offering numerous workout combinations, with each movement you are targeting the right muscles. PurMotion™ is highly effective, especially for strengthening weak muscles that are hard to reach.

Fat Burning

We use functional training as a solid foundation for a more effective workout for fat burning. Routines involve high intensity interval training (HIIT) that speed up your metabolism, and incorporate brand-new, cutting edge equipment that engage more muscle groups, helping to burn fat more quickly. Most importantly, our selection of equipment, such as the PurMotion™ System, the RMT™ Club, ViPR Movement Training and Indo-Row® offer a great variety of exercises, keeping your workout fun and challenging.

Mobility and Flexibility training

In addition to traditional stretches, we incorporate the use of our best-selling tools, the RumbleRoller and RumbleRoller Beastie massage balls during cool down for muscle release.  The unique “bumps” on the surface of these tools are carefully designed to induce self myofascial release (SMR), making them highly effective for deep tissue massage after a workout or at home.  The RumbleRoller tackles larger muscles while the Beastie massage ball takes care of smaller, hard-to-reach muscles. These tools can also be used to relieve muscle problems caused by long hours in the office and muscle tightness in general.

Speed and Agility

Our bodies are not designed to move slowly! Regain your natural ability for movement through our functional training program.  Locomotion exercises will improve your agility and coordination. Adding speed challenges your heart and lungs, making them stronger while promoting fat loss . Try fun workouts such as our Freedom Climber to challenge yourself!


You may know that boxing is a fun, high intensity sport that relieves stress and works out many muscle groups while improving your coordination, but did you know that it is also a classic functional training exercise? Boxing is easy to learn and can be suitable for clients of all levels, men and women alike.  Try out our full selection of engaging boxing training: