Traditional Barbell squat exercises (squat, sumo squat, front squat) ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED for Non-Weightlifters for lower body strength development.

 It’s not about placing the barbell behind the neck or in front of the neck to do squats.

 Not only do barbell back/front squats create inefficient moment arms at the hips and knees but it also creates unwanted joint stress on the spine, wrists and shoulders.

 The BEST WAY to squat heavy is by distributing the load throughout the midline of the body.

 By doing this, efficient moment arms are created at the hips and knee joints allowing your calf, quads, glutes, and other lower body muscles to work efficiently and grow stronger.

 Meet the WISHBONE and start squatting heavy loads safely without adding unnecessary joint stress on your spine, wrists and shoulders.

  •  The Wishbone ADAPTS to you as opposed to you adapting to the rigid barbell
  • Allows natural flexion and extension of the ankles, knees and hips making it easy to learn!
  • -Develop lower body functional size and strength
  • -NO weight sitting directly on your upper spine
  • -NO hyper extension of your shoulder is required!
  • -Load your lower body (calf, quads and glutes) in the direction required for your sport, tactical maneuver or any other physical task.

Born in the trenches by a 5x Olympian and strength coach.

The Wishbone’s exclusive ergonomic design allows for a safer, but challenging lower body movement variations that will transfer to activities outside the gym.

» Lineman or Angle Squat – develop strong lower body triple extension by driving from the balls of the feet! Most squatting movements in life are done on the ball of your feet. Think vertical or broad jump!

» Split Angle Squat – a must for speed/strength development

» Hack Squat – a great way to strengthen the quadriceps and glutes for activities that requires you to decelerate, stop or change direction.


Product Description

The PurMotion Wishbone is a bi-lateral load squat attachment that fits any barbell. The pads provide a firm and stable feel while performing squats and its variations. As a bonus, the rotating handles allow many types of pulling and pressing exercises while keeping the wrists in a safe, neutral position.

Using the Wishbone, you won’t suffer with wrist, elbow shoulder or lower back pain like you might experience using a traditional barbell.


  • Revolving handles roll seamlessly to maintain a neutral grip, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Designed to fit a variety of sizes.
  • Thick, flat padding for performing squats.


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