WattBike Pro


The Wattbike 2013 takes everything that was great about the 2012 model and improves it. Featuring a brand new Performance Computer and handlebars, the Wattbike 2013 has made some huge steps forward. The new Performance Computer allows you improved connectivity, a users section and an improved workouts and tests section. The new handlebars are more closely modeled on road bike bars and have optional removable armrests for using the tri-bars.


Product Description

The Wattbike Pro has a resistance range of 0-3,760 Watts and broadly has five endurance levels (Air Brake 1-5) and five sprint levels (Air Brake 6-10). The magnetic brake extends the resistance range and is useful for specific training of top sprinters.

If you are a track sprinter the Pro is definitely the bike for you. It is also ideal for Category 3/4 (male) and Category 2 (female) endurance cyclists and triathletes. At this level the Wattbike Pro offers the right combination of cadence and resistance range needed for effective training.


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