Turn your Olympic Bar into a lever arm with the Renegade™.

Build rock solid, athletic core strength and power with this simple PurMotion tool.

Born in the trenches by a 5x Olympian and strength and conditioning coach.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts must include NON- Square movements to their weight training program to ensure balance.

Want to lift explosive? No Problem!

Learn the PurMotion exclusive 1-Arm Clean & Jerk; one of  the most explosive, athletic and sexiest moves at the PurMotion Performance Center!

It’s like “dancing” with the bar under load.

What can the Renegade can do for you?

» Learn by feeling how your body works instead of listening to pencil neck “fitness experts”

» Learn proper joint alignment, synchronization and coordination of movement patterns to properly manage external loads that transfer to sports or real life movements.

» Imaging performing 1 set of 100 reps or more of well choreograph movement patterns before you put the barbell down. Rest..and do it again! Now, that’s intense!

Slide the Olympic bar into the pivoting sleeve of the Renegade™ for one of the most intense, productive and safe core to extremity workouts you can experience.

The Renegade is a cost-effective yet simple device that rotates, swivels and turns 360 degrees in any direction, allowing you the freedom to explode with both two-handed (bilateral) and single-handed (unilateral) movements.

The Renegade™ is made of solid steel. Great for high schools, universities, armed forces and home gyms!


Product Description


  • Rotating shaft slips into a 45lb bumper plate or two standard 25lb, 35lb, or 45lb Olympic plates to use as a base.
  • Fits any standard Olympic bar or lighter Olympic technique bar.
  • Easy to carry in your gym bag, weighing only about 3.5lbs.


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