General Description:

The Hyper Vest® PRO is a revolutionary type of weighted vest that employs a patented control system and fabric, which allows the user complete range of motion since the weights are held comfortably and firmly to the core even during vigorous multi-plane movement. Even better, the Hyper Vest PRO is elastic around the chest in the horizontal plane. This horizontal stretch allows full chest expansion and contraction for breathing while the weights stay in place. A breathable, wicking fabric and generous open side panels make the vest exceptionally comfortable. This weighted vest is so thin you can wear it under a shirt and no one would know (weights are only ¼ inch thick).

Small through XL vests are available and come pre-loaded with 10 pounds of weight. Additional 5 pounds booster packs of weight can be purchased to increase the load of the vest.




Product Description

Benefits and Uses:

The Hyper Vest PRO creates the effect of mass evenly distributed over the body’s core to create resistance. By adding weight to the core, you can engage in any movement with the additional resistance of the weights. This is body weight training at its best. Use the vest for sports performance training, tactical training for fire, police, and military, general fitness, and overall health, weight loss, and prevention of osteoporosis.

Max Weight Capacity

  • Small: 23lbs.
  • Medium: 26lbs.
  • Large: 34lbs.
  • XL: 46lbs.



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