Dynamax Medicine Ball

All balls are 14” in diameter, moisture resistant, and are made from 70% post-consumer recycled materials. The design and construction ensures that they will remain dimensionally stable and balanced. Our trade secret and craftsmanship guarantee that each ball, regardless of weight, has a friendly feel and will absorb high velocity impact, making for a fun and vigorous workout.




Product Description


  • The 14inch diameter keeps the body in neutral spine. Smaller diameter balls cause the shoulder girdle to pronate, which pulls the body out of neutral spine and decreases biomechanical efficiency.
    • Neutral spine = max stability
    • Max stability = max power

Impact Absorbing:

  • The cored construction shields the users from impact allowing trainees to throw the ball with maximum velocity and horsepower without risk of injury.


  • Individually hand-made, the balls are designed and manufactured to maintain dimensional stability so that over weeks, months and years of use the load will remain centered and the ball will not wobble.


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