Core 12 Bar

The Core 12 Bar™ is a 12″ long, high-grade aluminum bar that has the ability to rotate at both ends due to its precision bushings. This bar provides the user unrestricted movements in order to replicate rotational maneuvers such as chopping or throwing.

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Product Description

If rotational strength and power is a requirement in your sport or daily activities, then our Core Bars™ are what you’ve been looking for! After years of studying and training athletes, we have developed a simple, yet effective way to increase core rotational speed, strength and power for hitting, throwing, and other core-centric movements.

The Core 12 Bar™ was developed in order to make exercises as comfortable on your joints as possible. The Core 12 Bar™ has the ability to rotate on both ends, which eliminates joint restrictions at the wrist, elbow and shoulder. Use with our resistance bands or with our Cyclone 42™ and a cable machine for a variety of completely functional exercises!