Clean Jerk


Now you can lift heavy and explosive without learning the complexity of  conventional barbell training.

Olympic lifts, and other traditional barbell exercises(deadlift, thrusters, upright rows and presses) are NO LONGER REQUIRED for athletic strength/power development/

Born in the trenches by a 5x Olympian and strength and conditioning coach.

The PurMotion Clean & Jerk™ will help you:

» Maintain neutral joint alignment throughout the entire range of motion. That means NO MORE JOINT PAIN!

» No more hyperextended wrists (it hurts if not done perfect!) at the “racking position”

» No more internal rotation of the shoulders (long-term chronic injury risk potential) at the start position to adapt to the bar.

» We REDEFINED traditional barbell movements so you don’t have to spend extra time warming up or stretching.

» The Clean & Jerk attachment put the user’s entire body in the most powerful position to lift from floor to overhead.

» The Clean & Jerk allows for diagonal vector load which makes you work on the balls of your feet! That’s how you play, jump, and develop speed.

The PurMotion exclusive Split Clean & Jerk movement requires only ONE PULL!  A GAME CHANGER IN POWER DEVELOPMENT!

People used to believe the Earth was flat. It took one man, Christopher Columbus to prove them wrong!

The PurMotion Clean & Jerk™ has a sleek look and commercial grade design – a perfect addition to the PurMotion Renegade System™!

This product has two revolving handles to help keep your hands in a neutral position throughout an entire range of motion.


Product Description

The Clean & Jerk™ is available in three designs:

#1 Clean & Jerk Standard

#2 Clean & Jerk with Stationary Pegs

#3 Clean & Jerk with Adjustable Handles and Pegs


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