SANE Fitness is a newly opened functional educational studio for fitness and health. It is located in the heart of the most commercial area of Hong Kong – Central. The Studio is 1,700 square feet and holds a number of the newest, most effective equipment and tools.

We have a full range of education and fitness equipment to offer you. We provide training facilities for all individuals, trainers and athletes. SANE Fitness motivates with results, inspire with clear career-pathway and develop quality trainers and fitness professional. We guarantee your journey will positively be influenced and enhance every step you take with us.


They say we are what we eat and we are what we do! SANE Fitness aims to educate everyone to change minds and equip us with the most functional training tools to change bodies.  We don’t only work on having a full range of functional training, we maximize varieties of workouts according to every individual’s ability and capability efficiently and effectively with different directions.


SANE Fitness provides a variety of services, from education, functional tools and equipment, personal training for all kinds of groups and space rentals for trainers in need of an indoor place with complete equipment. We specialize functional training for all individuals interested.

For education, SANE Fitness holds workshops on behalf of well-known companies (e.g PurMotion, RumbleRoller & Bosu) frequently and provides certifications for qualified trainers and professionals. We also have numbers of classes to offer from boxing, yoga and a wide range of different classes.


Who says workout has age limit? Old bear still hunts is a famous saying of PurMotion creator Jorge Bonnet who was a 5 times Olympian in 2 different sports! We all know we belong to the mammal category but of course, smarter! So smart, we have invented a lot of things to make our lives easier and comfortable isolating the daily functional activities. YES, it goes out to all ages and sizes.


SANE Fitness doesn’t just focus on your health and workout, it provides certification courses to anyone interested. We promote you from where you are today and make sure you qualify.  SANE Fitness also focuses and aims on enhancing your knowledge by educating and certifying you through our workshops, experiences, own knowledge and of course with our methodology. In addition, we hold workshops for famous companies/brands to certify and promote you from where you are today.


An effective equipment is an equivalent of 10 ineffective ones. SANE Fitness promises to offer you the latest but most effective equipment’s and tools in the market with of course, the knowledge of using it properly. We offer newly created different functional training tools and equipment from all around the world only to provide you better results, postures, agility and to have less injuries that relates to our daily lives.


Why?  It is because every day is a learning process for working out, you can’t really say you have learnt everything about it. Personal trainers aren’t just going to be your objective eye but they push you to your limits that guarantees you result! That’s why SANE Fitness offers a number of personal trainings, from individual 1 on 1 trainings to 2 – 4 small groups training. Know where to start, add time and knowledge, get a personal trainer to get you started to the path for a better you.


Got a client but no facility? SANE Fitness offers space rental for all personal trainers and professionals with an open, unobstructed floor space, maintained equipment, and adequate amounts of free weight – such as; sand bags and sand vest, boxing area and the newest equipment and tools we have to offer everyone. In addition, we are located in the heart of Central, Hong Kong! Convenient and easy.