Be a Certified ANIMAL FLOW Instructor


Level 1 Curriculum

Level 1 課程


The focus of Level 1 is on mastering each move, including the regressions, progressions and variations you’ll need in order to maximize effectiveness with your clients. With each move, you’ll explore the important questions of how and when to use it, and where it fits into your clients’ training program and your own workout routine. And, of course, you’ll get into the Flows, where you link together the movements. You’ll cover all 6 elements of Animal Flow, including:


Level 1 的課程主要針對逆行訓練,漸進訓練,訓練變化重點來幫助大家提升練習效果. 課程會探討在Animal Flow裡, 每個動作的三個重要的範疇: 分別是:怎麼實淺,何時實淺,和從何實淺去融合在你自己或你的客戶正在進行中的訓練。從而達到理想效果。之後,你亦會學懂把各個原素/動作綜合起來演變成自己風格的Animal Flow. Animal Flow六大主要原素/動作:


  • The Traveling Forms (the “ABCs” of animal movements) – 基本動物型態模仿動作
  • Switches and Transitions 轉換及交接
  • Wrist Mobility 手腕靈活性
  • Activations 動作的啟動性
  • Form Specific Stretches 特定的伸展動作
  • Flows 流程/流動性


Level 1 Continuing Education Credits


The Level 1 course is approved to provide continuing education credits from the following:


Level 1 的課程已獲得以下機構認可:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – 1.0 CEUs
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) – .9 CEUs
  • Skills Active UK – 10 CPD Points for REPs
  • Fitness Australia – 9 CECs
  • Physical Activity Australia – 3 PDPs
  • New Zealand Registered Exercise Professionals (REPs) – 12.5 CPD Points
  • canfitpro – 8 canfitpro CECs (Assesement & Exercise Portion: 4 PTS; Program Design Portion: 4 PTS)


Level 1 Prerequisites

Level 1 的就讀條件

所有對運動有熱成的份子, 適合各界不同有興趣人士參於。(不包括身體有傷患人士)


Although only fitness professionals are eligible to become Certified Animal Flow Instructors, the workshops are open to any fitness enthusiasts who just want to take their flow to the next level. There is no minimum fitness level, although you should be free of injuries that would impact your ability to participate in ground-based movement.


Level 1 Certification

Level 1 的專業文憑

要得到文憑成為專業的Animal Flow教練, 除了要完成兩日的課程外,亦要通過實質動作的考試才能得到專業資格。考試形式可以透過現場動作考試,或透過發送影片給導師來考取資格。Animal Flow是高難度的訓練,要成為它們的一分子,一定不能夠馬虎!


In order to become a Certified Animal Flow Instructor, you must pass the live practical exam after completing the workshop. Simply completing the two-day workshop will not make you certified – we want to make sure all of our instructors meet the program’s standards, so you’ll need to demonstrate some components (live or via video submission) after the workshop. If you practice, you will pass!

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