RumbleRoller Level One Certification | July | 2016 | Hong Kong

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The muscle always taut and pain? Do you know how to relax after exercises? Can’t improve your performance? It may relate to our fascia and trigger point problems. How can you solve those problems?
The course will show you how to work on self myofascio release (SMR) and improve the deep soft tissue for muscle release by using the RumbleRoller.

It is available for all people to use which is economy and efficacious to self-myofascial release at home.

Self-myofascial release is simple, save time, save money, economy to relax the muscle pain by yourself.

Use RumbleRoller and rolling by your body weight and correct position to relax each body part muscles.

It is suitable for athletes, office workers who have leg or back even neck pain. Also relax their tired feeling and muscle pain of labour workers.

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地點Venue:Sane Fitness HK,8/F Abdoolally House, 20 Stanley Street,HK
費用Fee:$2800 (Include one Original compact Roller)
Early Bird: Before 2016/7/22 have 10% off
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