Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT)

What will you learn at a CKT certification?


  • The classical kettlebell lifts and their variations!
  • Why learning how to differentiate the different types of breathing and knowing how to apply them is so important to safety and efficiency
  • How to properly execute all of the competition lifts involved in Russian Kettlebell Sport – swing, snatch, clean, jerk and long cycle (clean + jerk)
  • How you can still achieve all of your fitness goals despite the challenge of limited time
  • How to design a program for any fitness goal you or your clients may have – strength, endurance, work capacity, muscle mass, mobility etc.
  • Mobility and flexibility work specific to kettlebell training
  • The necessary drills needed to help ensure you and your clients learn all the lifts safely
  • Assistance exercises for competition training – these very unique exercises will take your conditioning and technique to new levels
  • Why hand position is so critical to performance and elbow safety
  • How to to dramatically reduce hand fatigue and tears in the snatch
  • Learn what is YOUR best Rack position
  • How kettlebells train your body to effectively manage any type of force encountered in the real world
  • How to create the “blueprint” necessary for achieving mastery in Russian Kettlebell sport Learn how to integrate time based training and volume based training for extraordinary results
  • Why kettlebells make you more resistant to injury
  • Why learning to regulate your tension is a huge must in improving the efficiency of your lifts
  • Why the neutral hand position allows you to avoid the typical ‘pump’ that is normally associated with high-repetition training. Once the forearm pumps your grip is destroyed and you can’t hold on. So the grip gives out before the cardio system is fully taxed. Kettlebell allow you to work much longer and train the cardio system to a much greater degree.
And much more!

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